Top 3 Best Hair Dryers

Top 3 Best Dryers

Regular use of hair dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, hot rollers will probably lead to damaged hair. Dryness and dull hair are symptoms of broken hair as the heat devices destroy the moisture inside the hair. These problems may be corrected, however, split ends may not be treated, it will likely be a permanent problem. Trim your hair regularly to remove the damaged ends.
Extreme use of blow-drying will eventually damage the hair and your scalp. If you have to use a dryer for hair there are several steps to take to minimize the dryness of the hair and scalp.

1. Use thermal styling spray/dangler to protect your hair.

Professional Thermal Protector


Before making use of any heat styling product, it is usually good to apply lotion, conditioner or spray which prevents the hair from heat. Applying of such products assists to strengthen the cuticle and also helps prevent from moisture seeping from the hair. Use conditioner on a regular basis to sustain the moisture. A very good conditioner really should have ingredients such as silicones, amino acid, panthenol or even mineral oil.

2. Use of a wide-tooth comb and leave the hair slightly damp to protect against over drying the hair.

Sandalwood Hair Comb Handmade Wide Tooth Detangling Comb No Static Detangling Natural Aroma Wooden Buffalo Horn Hair.


3. Do not use a traditional method to dry the hair with a towel: twisting and rubbing the hair will weaken it and cause more damage.

4. Change your hair-washing routine. Wash the hair 2-3 time per week with a WARM water. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for your hair type.

Use live-in conditioner to prevent dryness.


4. Use the safest hair dryers and hair irons. This is the best way to protect the hair from damage.

Do not use a hair dryer or iron that is older than five years,  because the heating temperature may not work properly.

Aside from this, using styling tools that are made from a ceramic plate is considered the safest,  because a ceramic plated flat iron (or curling iron) spreads the heat equally resulting in minimal damage.


Our Top 3 Hair Dryers

If you use a blow-dryer every day, then purchasing a hair dryer should be a well-thought decision for you. While your budget may thank you for purchasing the most affordable hair dryer, your hair may not.


BaByliss 2100 Elegance

BaByliss is generally known for making hair product since the 1960s, however, its Elegance 2100 is full of better technology. BaByliss states that this product provides double the air pressure of standard hair dryers, as well as despite its affordable price, the BaByliss 2100 Elegance also provides a ceramic heating element to maintain temperatures under control. The outcomes speak for themselves: your hair is going to be dried-up within few minutes as well as free from frizz or perhaps heat damage. If drying speed is your major attraction, the 2100 Elegance matches that. It’s wonderfully light, but can dry even the thickest hair, attached with a swivel cord makes twisted cables something of the past. With a cord length of 2 meters, the cable a little of on the short side, therefore having a power switch right beside the mirror could be useful, and there are just two-speed settings.


Key specs of the Babyliss 2100 Elegance

Heating element- Ceramic/Ionic

Power (watts) -2,100w

Cable length – 2m


If you believe that a very good hair dryer has to be noisy, then reconsider. The GHD Air generates an incredibly quiet, but powerful great air which works great even on the thickest hair.

GHD has been doing a great job of producing an attractive modern design with a really useful range of features. The Air looks as well as feels beautiful, with a comfortable handle as well as weight making it convenient to move without getting a tired wrist, therefore you get 3 temperature settings as well as 3-speed settings, every one of which offers regular, quiet stream of evenly heated air.

The single downside feature of the Air is that GHD has placed the power supply in a package along with the power cord, instead of on the dryer itself, the cord is detachable, however, this is not a disadvantage for some people. The advantage of this product is that the dryer is lighter but just as effective as you would want from an expensive product, however the disadvantage is that you cannot stretch out the wire to full length in the event that your electric socket is a very long way from your dressing table or perhaps bed, in that case, this may be annoying.

Key specs of the GHD Air

Heating element -Ionic

Power (watts)-2,100w

Cable length – 3m

Accessories included – Concentrator nozzle

Remington AC9140 Proluxe Hair Dryer

Remington has manufactured an exceptionally strong device (with 2400W) where one can feel the power of the airflow while it dries your hair. The 2 nozzles, as well as diffuser provided, ensures it is comfortable to dry your hair as comfortable as you want. The gold together with black design makes it elegant. Rocker-style heat as well as power settings are situated on the front of the product and rather than the side, back or top, there’s a slider switch at the very top that you can use to adjust the temperature to either high or perhaps reduce the temperature.

It’s a smooth product that takes minimum effort to use as well as achieve a smooth as well as static-free hair.

Key specs of the Remington AC9140 Proluxe Hair Dryer

Power (watts)-2,400w

3m cord length

How to purchase the perfect hair dryer to suit your needs
Hair dryer is without a doubt a personal as well as special thing that we are not able to say that spending a lot more will definitely enable you to get better results. Different hair thicknesses, lengths as well as textures will get different results from diverse products – and also may require different accessories for instance diffusers for top results.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to break your budget to get the best product for yourself. But from our above top 3 dryers, we believe that the Remington AC9140 Proluxe Hair Dryer is a perfect choice since it provides a long 3m cord, and includes a 2400w which is the highest that we found.

Best Choice For Curling Iron

XTAVA Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron Set (Temp Control)

  • xtava 5 in 1 Satin Wave curling iron allows choosing different hairstyle every day. It has   5 in 1 interchangeable ceramic tourmaline barrels for different styling from beachy waves to loose curls.
  • The curling wand set includes 5 detachable barrels: different sizes, plus a heat Resistant Glove. Large barrels  should be used for long hair and thinner for short hair  to get for best results
  •  Fine hair is best styled at temps 250-300  F, normal hair – 300-375 F, and coarse hair at 410.  You will have 9 precise temperature settings that you  can choose to keep your hair protected
  • DUAL Universal  VOLTAGE – 110 – 240V AC,  will automatically adjust to the proper voltage when used with a compatible adapter- you can use it across the globe (zip travel case to fit your busy lifestyle)
  • SMART FEATURES includes  60-minute auto shut off function.  It also boasts quick heating technology.



Please feel free to leave your comment or share your favorite hair products, tools, and accessories!

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  • December 10, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Sandalwood hair comb is something I would like to try. I have experimented no shampoo for a month years ago, was hard. But I’m able to cut the times from 7 times a week to 3 times (as you recommend) a week and my hair is in good shape.

    • December 10, 2017 at 6:58 pm

      It is more difficult to make radical changes in our routine, so making small steps toward the desired goal will work better. When we see a small improvement, it motivates us to continue taking action. You are moving in a right direction! Thanks for the comment.


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