Guava Leaves’ benefits for hair

Guava Leaves for Hair Growth


Hair loss is a major concern for all genders. in the response for the higher needs, a lot of products have been developed that are targeted treating hair loss.

However, people became more concerned about using chemicals on their hair, choosing organic products and methods to combat hair fall. A very famous method is using guava leaves to prevent hair loss.

It is important to understand why hair fall occurs to understand guava leaves medicinal uses. Most of the times, unhealthy conditions of head scalp have a direct relation to hair fall. Guava leaves contain Vitamin B complex which comprises thiamine, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine. In addition to, leaves also contain Vitamin C which has a nourishing effect on hair follicles which have a positive effect on hair growth. Vitamin B and C have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties that ensure scalp health is good.

Vitamin C present in guava leaves provides a nourishment to hair roots which, as a result, makes them stronger. Strong roots translate to a decrease in hair loss.

Vitamins B and C present targets factors that encourage hair thickening.

Scalp health is improved when guava leaves extracts are massaged right on the surface. This ensures that the skin remains in optimum space.

One of the major indicators of poor scalp health is the presence of dandruff which is caused by the dry and itchy scalp. Extracts from guava leaves act deep within the scalps to nourish all levels of skin which prevents flakes and dandruff.

A paste containing ground guava leaf along with pure honey can be used to treat splitting ends of hair. The best method is to regularly coat the hair with this paste and wash off with lukewarm water.

Vitamins present in guava leaves encourages faster growth of hair as it enhances collagen activity.

Antioxidants present in the leaves fight free radicals which in turn encourage hair growth.

UV rays from the sun are another source that negatively affects hair health. Lycopene, an active ingredient in guava leaf, is a known chemical that acts as a shield against UV rays.

Guava leaves extract chemically acts on dirt, oil, and grime that are present in the hair roots and scalp surface. Removal of these inhibitors allows the hair to become healthy, smooth and shiny.

An amazing benefit of guava leaves is that they can combat premature greying of hair. This is achieved as hair pigment gets essential nutrients from the leaves. A paste, containing these leaves, have been found to give best results here.


Guava leaves have been found safe for hair usage, however, some factors are to be kept in mind when using them.

The quality of leaves should be inspected beforehand. Leaves showing decomposition should be avoided. Moreover, any leaves with insects should be discarded immediately.

Many fruits and plants are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides. Wash the leaves thoroughly before grinding or boiling them.

A freshly ground leaf paste or boiled leaves water is preferred. Prepared leaf masks and products usually contain other chemicals and ingredients.

Leave paste or water can be combined with other natural ingredients such as honey, lemon or oil, however, it is suggested that caution is observed in too much experimenting without guidance.

How to use guava leaves for hair benefits:

How should the leaves be used are left to the end user. I suggest either boiling them or grinding them to be used as a paste or a mask. A typical usage may include the following:

Boil about 8 medium guava leaves for 20 minutes and bring to cool. OR grind the same number of leave s with some lukewarm water to make a paste.

Wash the hair with a mild or neutral shampoo and do not condition.

Towel dry hair.

Apply the paste via massaging or a brush. Leave for about 2 hours.

Wash with lukewarm water.



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